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I will probably keep reading here for a while at least, but not sure how much writing I will do. Sadly Dreamwidth fits my needs much better.



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There is a degree of schadenfreude that I feel at watching the #TrumpCare GOP meltdown this week, but in fairness, I am also relieved that they didn't pass their terrible bill, because the consequences were stark. So I was in good spirits after work on Friday (work btw- has been a complete train-wreck this week, but that is a story for another time), Lena took me out to our favorite local Mexican place and I had a Margarita and one of the specials which I could barely pronounce. The waitperson was new. But great. We know most of the regulars(well, the Friday regulars anyway). Lena wanted me to leave a nice tip, but I always leave a generous tip regardless of performance. My policy is if you are going to live in a country which can't be bothered with a minimum wage (leave alone a living wage), you should at least tip the difference. Anyway, I didn't tell Lena, but I was swayed a little at the last moment and gave a too generous tip.

Normally, when we eat out past walking distance we take turns in the consumption of alcohol. (If we drink at all, which frequently we do not). I am perhaps overly cautious, and I appreciate, but do not demand, that Lena is supportive of this. Only now we can no longer take turns because Lena is pregnant, and has very generously allowed me to continue to not only take my turns, but hers as well! At least until the little guy or gal makes his or her way into the world.

(I bring this up in a very circuitous way because: we had a funny conversation with my mum in Australia where in my mum complained about people announcing their pregnancies on the Facebook, and how it should be private etc. To be honest, announcing such things on the Facebook never even occurred to me (though I announce other stuff, and post pictures of rusty old bolts all the time). I am not sure about Lena. Anyway, later when it was just the two of us we discussed and agreed that we wouldn't be “announcing” the pregnancy, but we would be letting family and close friends know in person before it became obvious, but if I happened to post a photograph to the Facebook that spilled the beans that would be okay. So while my blogity blog is not the Facebook, it is on the internet and the same policy applies. But. I am not announcing it to you dear reader, I am just mentioning it in passing. I mean I write about stuff that happens in my life here in a casual way, so this is like me taking and posting a picture that just happens to contain a baby bump. Now the awkward part is that after writing all of this in in such a detailed, if parenthetical, way both my mum and my wife read my blogity blog... so. Anyway.)

I requested from work that they send me to the National Perl Nerds meeting in June. I made the application based on me being a speaker, though technically my talk hasn't been accepted yet. I am pretty confident that it will be accepted. One of the peculiarities of government work is they make you put the request in months in advance, but won't tell you until 30 days before if you can go. I guess they are optimizing for making the flights as expensive as possible? Anyway, this time it is in Northern Virginia, so there are no flights to book or pay for. The important thing is to be able to do it without having to take time off from work.

Then in July we are going to Colorado for a six day weekend. It is the only four corners state that I haven't taken Lena to. I am looking forward to seeing the mountains, and getting out of Maryland for a few days. Then in October if everything goes well, it won't be just the two of us anymore, but the three of us. Plus the grandparents, and great grandparents as they come to visit. Even dad is threatening to come out in November. Should be an interesting year.

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Decided to catch up on all the movies that we had been meaning to see this weekend. Which was only Lego Batman and Logan. But still! We both agreed that Lego Batman had a good message and probably the best Batman movie since the Christopher Nolen trilogy. (Honestly, I think DC should stop making Batman films, people are tired of it, the reason this one worked is because it is poking fun at it). (I liked this chart from The Economist which compares the physical height and weight of various Batmen, including Lego Batman at 4cm/4g). Logan was a tad too gory, but I like Sir Patrick Stewart and it was great to see him and Hugh Jackman play those roles one last time. Also I thought “North Dakota” looked a lot like northern New Mexico, and when I saw in the credits that they filmed in the latter I guess I turned out to be right. We've gotten into the habit of going to this expensive theatre in Rockville with nice recliner seats.

Started scanning in the film that I sent away for processing before our trip to Australia. Much of these pickys are at least two months old. It includes the four rolls that I took at the Woman's March. While I was making contact sheets, I made some prints of three pictures that I took down under.


From the ferry to Bundeena.

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Lena and I were walking through Martin Place on our trip and I remarked to her that one of the things that I remember about living in Sydney is that everything seemed to be happening there. It is a small country, and there are only two big cities. So a lot of stuff is filmed, or happens in places that you know. We then walked by the Lindt Café, which is where the 2014 hostage crisis happened. Not a nice thing, but yet another thing that happened here.

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Woke up this morning to see that in the West Australian state election Labor beat the conservative Liberals decisively. That in itself is not unexpected, but what is good news is that Pauline Hanson's (white) nationalist party One Nation did poorly, and it seems the craven preference deal that the Liberals did with One Nation only hurt them. Hopefully that means the national Liberals will now think twice before doing any deals with One Nation going forward. It is a small state (population wise), and fairly remote from me, but it is nice to see Pauline Hanson and her ilk put in their place.

This first week back in the states has been a roller coaster. We are migrating to a new platform at work. The operating system that we are using should have been retired many years ago, and the vendor is finally pulling support. My boss revealed at the meeting that he was the one that had been putting the upgrade off until the last minute. So I am thinking wait what now? I have been lobbying to get some piecemeal upgrades that could have gotten us more safely to the same point gradually over time, my boss gave me the impression that the system administrators (SAs) intransigent, but no. It turns out it was him. I spent a whole day reconfiguring the software I use to connect to our big iron because the SAs have changed the firewalls. They are saying they are going to do it all again later in the year. This all totally makes some kind of sense I am sure.

Nintendo Switch seems to be impossible to find. I didn't even think to get a preorder, I was fairly easily able to pick up a Wii and Wii U when they came out despite the high demand, so I figured this would be the same. No such luck! Oh you can find it, if you pay minimum 50% markup from a scalper. I even saw one listing on eBay for $33k. Pretty sure that was a joke. I am starting to think my friend who has been playing New Zelda on Old Console had the right idea.

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The thing about Americans is: they genuinely think that America is a good idea and that it will and forever will be. I am pretty sure this is what the Romans also though. Although about Rome, not about America which wasn't a thing yet. I think this could really be the decline of the American Empire, for good and ill. Could is a key word. We could somehow limp through the next four years and reset things. Or this could be the start of the inevitable gradual decline. All good things, must, after all, come to an end. Something worse and/or better will be certain to replace it. If you look at the ways that Rome still succeeds, take a look at the Russian word: Tsar. Borrowed from the Roman title of Caesar. Even though the Roman Empire had been long since evaporated into the dark ages, there was still a lot of cachet in claiming some murky legitimacy from being in line from an Emperor. It is mostly rubbish and even if it wasn't how does that even legitimize you as a leader? In a sense Trump wants to claim legitimacy for the same reason, but legitimacy for what? To have gamed a system designed to give slave states a check over the North? Good job there. I know I know, we lost that one it is too late, sore looser, snowflake, libtard, whatever it is you wish to call me. I am just contemplating the historical context for which I am living. This is an impossible or at least improbable task.

Got back from Aussie on Saturday. Still in a weird sleep cycle so I am writing my thoughts in the hope that they will stop racing through my head. Time to go back to sleep. Again. But first, pictures from our last seven days:


Captain Lena driving the boat on the Arthur River day #15

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Been back from Tassie for a few days, but I still haven't caught up. No time to catch your breath.

Australia sometimes seems like it is about ten years behind the times. In both good and bad ways. I have heard that Tassie is another ten years behind the mainland, which would put them sometime in the early second Clinton term now. I think the observation is somewhat apt. Mostly in a good way. Alost everywhere we ate the food was locally sources, which was bonus. Not due to any intention on our part, just how it worked out. Or maybe it is the convention there.

The day after we got back we drove down to see my dad in Canberra. Canberra is supposed to be the capitol of the country, but it is more like a big[1] small town. On the way we stopped at the bakery in Goulburn and I had a lovely custard tart/apple pie. Custard tart is one of my favorite things to eat, but they are becomming ore and more rare here in the future.

We are now back in Sydney!


BBQ evening 2 (Freycinet)

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  1. big in the sense of redistributed over a large area
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Just a short note since I am on vacation and the internet be slow in Tasmania.

Last night we went to see the Tasmanian Devil feed. The keeper was explaining that the devils are solitary selfish animals it made me think of the day before taking the boat out to Wine Glass Bay where the passengers stayed affixed to their possie on the front of the boat to make sure that nobody else got a turn.


Mr Wong's in Sydney day #8

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I had the world's shittiest week before going on vacation, which explains my relative quiet in the past two weeks. After a week in Sydney I am starting to feel a little more human again. Also after a week in Sydney I really miss living here, a lot. The US feels like it is getting worse and worse. The thing is though, Australia has always had terrible racist immigration policies, and the US (problems though it has always had) is only now starting to catch up. To be honest. (There is of course so much more than just immigration that is wrong with what is happening in the states though).

A few weeks ago I not very seriously checked to see what it would cost to get a partner visa for my wife. Shockingly it is now about AUD$7k. Which is still a lot when you convert it to US Dollars. Appaently it is amongst the highest or the highest in the world. I was talking to a dear friend complaining that they are using it for revenue and she said “why shouldn't they?” I think it is unfair though to charge such a large sum of money to be with the one that you love so that the federal government can buy some dodgy F-35s. As I say it wasn't very serious, and I hope it doesn't come to that.

Thursday was my great auntie Rae's birthday, the reason for our visit. Thursday was a family only with a swim in te ocean, lunch at the club and a climb up the coast by the golf course. It was quite lovely.

Saturday (today) was the big party with 39 people, most of whom I did not know. We were at a table full of aussies, none of whom I knew. All of whom had a quaint opinion on America. I didn't feel it, but it is common, and Lena told me latter she was feeling defensive, given the current regime. Aside from that it was a lovely weather and a lovely party. Uncoordinated mum and her friend both brough Rae a corsage. Lucky one was for the wrist and the other wasn't.

Oh aisde from one other thing: In Australia they sometimes do this thing when they cater a big event where they alternate main dishes, and you get to negotiate with you neighbor if you get something that you don't like. Or are alergic to. That is definitely not cool.

Now we are watching Crocodile Dundee which happened to be on the tube, and lena said “You can hear that same bird outside”.

Some photos:


Sunset day #1
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On the way to the movie theatre last night Lena rightly repremanded me for calling it the “Stupid Bowl”. I am a bad Australian in that I have no interest in sport. Well I wouldn't say “no”, I do like to sometimes watch a bit of The Ashes, to see the Aussies beat England. I could not watch all five days of a test, much less the entire series though. Cricket always seemed to be on the TV when I used to go visit Auntie Rae in Collaroy. My aunt is going to be 90 this month, which is part of the excuse to go to Australia. I have never been so thankful to have an excuse.

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After the hubbub of last weekend we decided to take a little break and relax. Only kidding! Lena's parents came down for the weekend, and they brought her grandma. Lena had a choir concert on Saturday, where they broke attendance records for the choir and that along with cookie monster and the dancing the air was electric! A standing ovation (and not the kind where it is because you forgot to tell people to sit down)! At the reception Lena's father Misha bought a raffle ticket and won a nice basket of wine, cheese, crackers and chocolate. So when we got home we have a little improv wine, cheese, crackers and chocolate before going to sleeps.

The next day we had a play in the city to go see, so after lunch the parental units were on their way back to New Jersey as we took the train into the city. Nothing like last weekend, but there were a number of protestors on their way to the White House to protest the Muslim ban[1]. Lena struck up a conversation with someone who clearly had a sign. “Are you going too?” they asked. Meekly I said we had a previous engagement. We will resist further, just not today.

Play was a production of As You Like It at the Folger Shakespeare Library, which takes us past the Supreme Court. As you know a Supreme Court is just like a regular court, only with sour cream. I had been reading that a judge had issued a stay on the possibly unconstitutional Muslim ban executive order. This felt like a victory, only it wasn't clear that the Homeland Security (DHS) was going to honor the stay. I am reminded of the time the Supreme Court ruled against Andrew Jackson's unconstitutional policies toward Native Americans, and the president is reported to have said “[Chief Justice] John Marshall has made is decision; now let him enforce it![2]

But I digress, and “The play's the thing wherein” we will catch the conscience of the king[3]? More appropriately for this play “All the world's a stage, and all the men and women merely players”. I have never seen As You Like It so far as I can remember. I thought this production was wonderful though. They had integrated some modern music into the tale and I thought Rosalind was fantastic. Her relationship with Celia was authentic and alive! After some mistaken identify and some foolish comedy, everyone was married off to the correct partner. I hath not seen this play, but methinks that I hath?

Weeks ago, we had by mistake gotten tickets to see Dirty Dancing in the movie theater that very same night. When we realized that we had made the error of scheduling two entertainments for the same day, we decided that we would ‘see how we felt’ after the play and decide if we wanted to go. Lena was not excited about it. But she has wanted to see the film with me for a while, so I insisted that we go. It was not as terrible as I thought it might be. There was an interesting intersection of popular culture and class in there. There was also another plot element in the film that reminded us of the Supreme Court as we head back into the 50s and 60s from which this film was set. I can have hope and fear for the future at the same time.

  1. let's call it what it is, shall we?
  2. Okay, probably apocryphal, but it may as well be what he said, since that is how he acted.
  3. Though we seem to live in a land where the King hath no conscience to catch!
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Woke up at like 5:30am yesterday in the hopes of getting a good position. Somehow managed to misplace one of the two metro cards that I had charged up on Thursday! So grabbed a metro card with who knows how much on it in its place. Listening to the radio in the car on the way to the station, we heard that there had been ~6k people in the Sydney sister march, which was a little more than the ... 300 they were expecting! My mum and Don were there I am so proud of them. We were early enough at the station that things weren't too crowded, but about 2000% more than what you normally see on a Saturday morning that early. The random metro card we grabbed had enough charge on it, thankfully, because there were long lines to recharge your cards. It was still darkish when we got on the train. We got within visual distance of the stage (barely) and a handy jumbotron (decent, when the signs weren't in the way). We listened to a number of speakers. Gloria Steinem had some interesting things to say. Michael Moore is a troll, but some of the things that he was saying were true, fortunately Ashley Judd interrupted him before he went too far down his hyperbolic rabbit hole. The normally private Scarlett Johansson had some wonderful things to say, but the audio cut out toward the end of her remarks. Van Jones had some awesome things to say. Muriel Bowser had some choice things to say, including a claim that DC would become the 51st state (I do not oppose, but not likely). There were lots of pink hats. Lots of nasty women. There were some complaints about the organization, but I thought for the numbers of people it went pretty well. After so many speakers, and some degree of repetition, people were starting to get agitated so we started marching. I don't think people were following the official marching route, we ended up going right up Pennsylvania Ave, past Trump's new hotel (which got a number of boos) and past the White House. The DC National Guard were there in force, and they were terrific at helping to keep things safe and happy. In one video I saw later marchers were thanking the guardsmen (and guardswomen!). Police were present, but there weren't any negative confrontations that I could see. By some estimates the marchers numbered 500k. I have never seen the city so crowded in my life! Overall if I had to sum it up, I don't know what this will do or what this will change, but I have to say that I was glad that I went. In November I felt demoralized, and I still am to some degree, but it was positive experience to spend some time with people who also felt the same way and who are engaged to resist! Lena took some pictures on her phone (most of mine are on film to be developed later):


Lena and I were there.

a few more )

At the end of the march, we walked a few blocks back to Chinatown to get a direct ride out of the city. I figured that trying to change trains with the huge number of people was going to be a disaster. After trying three different entrances to the Chinatown metro station we finally got in. Once again we were thankful to have money on our metro cards because the lines were crazy. My feet were killing me, and the train in front of us broken down, and it was standing room only until the second to last stop. When we finally got to our car it was already dark again.

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The internet is not a fun place today. So I kept my head down working on some things. Finished a few. One of my favorite tech things is writing tests. So many programmers do everything they can to avoid writing tests. But not me. I love to see all of those ‘ok’ messages to line up in a neat formation. Sometimes in green. Sometimes unhighlighted.

Tomorrow the plan is to go into DC early for the march. I was at the metro station yesterday to fill up a couple of cards so that we wouldn't have to get tickets tomorrow. There were some women at the machine next to mine also filling up their cards for the same reasons. Mum and Don are going to the march in Sydney. One of my friends from high school sent Lena some socks to wear at the march so that she could be their with us. All this bodes well at least for the numbers.

The last time I participated in something like this was a protest in New York City against the Iraq War back in 2003. I feel pretty safe now saying that war was indeed a mistake.

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One of the things that I think is definitely good for my writing is to take any opportunity to take myself down a notch or two. We inherently have our own best interests at heart, and so when we describe our adventures in life we are likely to color the scene in a way that puts us in the best light. Of course. But that is terribly dull I suspect.

On the way home from Sherlock[1], I was driving Lena's car, but I didn't want to back into the corner space, which would ensure a big SUV didn't park next to Lena's car. I parked into the spot on the other side of my car because it was an easier park to back into. Needless to say Lena was not thrilled by my laziness. We took the tree down today[2] and Lena took the opportunity as we were walking inside to take some external decorations inside and down into the basement. I heard this shriek of anger, because she discovered that I hadn't stacked the boxes that the Christmas decorations were in when I took them downstairs earlier in the day. She angrily and quite rightly complained about my habit to not put things away. I tried stupidly to hand her some rolls of wrapping paper, but felt foolish and awkward, and so instead walked upstairs and started doing the dishes. I left a couple of dishes unwashed for tomorrow. “Why can't you finish anything?” my wife quite properly asked me. After I told her that I would do it. One day.

All this is to say that I have many numerous limitations, and my wife is an amazing talented musician and nurse practitioner who for some reason puts up with me, and on top of all of that unfairness she simply makes me look good by virtue of close proximity.

  1. long time readers from ... er yesterday ... will recall that we were going tonight
  2. long time readers ... yada yada ...
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We were watching Sherlock last night (of a couple of episodes ago) and the protagonist randomly and inappropriately is all “Are those ginger nuts?” at which point I had to pause the show and run to the kitchen to get some of those “Swedish style” ginger nuts that are almost similar enough to Australian ginger nut, which long time readers of a couple of weeks ago will remember that I bought when I was trying to scam the super market out of a free half pan. This is all just to say that I am highly suggestible to very specific things. We're binge watching Sherlock because we're going to see the season finale in the theatre tomorrow and have to be brought up to date before that. Fortunately there aren't very many episodes in a season of Sherlock to get up to date, so the binge is only two episodes. Over two days. So not really a binge.

Benedict Cumberbatch sort of annoys me in that he seems to be in everything now a days. It is a subtle sort of annoyance though because he is admittedly pretty good and I end up watching most of what he is in anyway. Sherlock is okay on top of that anyway in that we were watching that show before I realized he was in everything.

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Work frequently offers the sort of hilarity which is only hilarious in retrospect. Today through a comedy of errors so byzantine I will skip through it I found out there was an SSL security vulnerability in our webserver. SSL is the thing that makes your communications between you and your bank secure. SSL is also so badly written, maintained and so complicated that it is also almost certainly the reason that the Russian Mafia is well acquainted with your social security number and your next of kin. Of course I was totally flying blind because although they told me what was wrong with the SSL, they didn't give me the tool to test it, or tell me how to fix it. Fantastic. Eventually John, in his usual disrespectful tone, sent me a the URL to a website that I could use to test the SSL on our server. The only problem was that it was behind the firewall and I was working from home. No problem, I will just connect using a browser inside the firewall, only the browser balked because the SSL tester itself had... wait for it... an SSL configuration error. Also there wasn't any way to turn off the SSL verification. So good job guys. Way to provide the least penetrable interfaces and the most broken tools to your workforce.

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I wanted to post a few more from film366 as described here. Not sure what photographic goals I will set forth this year. In the meanwhile I recall some of last year.


(63 ≈ 349) some interesting textures in Manhattan.

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The Short Version: if you are using LiveJournal (LJ) then your data is now being stored physically in Russia. You should seriously consider migrating to a non-Russian based service, such as DreamWidth (DW):

If you are already on DW, or plan on migrating, please add me there:

Note that one gotcha for LJ users using DW, the equivalent to “friending” is clicking on “Grant Access” and “Subscribe”. You are of course welcome to subscribe without granting me access as well.

The Long Version: LJ was originally founded by an American techie when he expanded his personal blog so that other people could use it. While he was in charge LJ released a most of their code base as Open-Source. A lot of the policies under this guy were good IMHO: in particular the promise never to have advertising on the site. The bad was of course that he wasn't good at running a company. So he sold out. Quite understandably since he probably didn't want to be running a company anyway. One of the things that they did fairly early on after he sold the company was put advertising in for new free accounts, and allow existing users to convert their accounts to the ad driven model. I found this troubling, but it didn't effect me that much since I had a permanent (and ad-free) account.

LJ has always, as far back as I can remember, been popular among Cyrillic users including Russians. In fact: in Russian “Живой Журнал” or “ЖЖ” has become there genericized trademark for blogging (like Kleenex and Xerox are trademarks that have become generic in English). At some point in terms of active user share, the Cyrillic users came to dominate on LJ, in particular in terms of revenue, as English speakers flocked to The Facebook, Twitter and other things new and shiny. The company that had bought LJ sold it to a Russian company that now holds it. At first they kept the servers in the United States and at least some of the developers. Eventually they fired the US based developers and moved development to Russia.

I believe this is when DW started up. Staffed by ex-LJ employees, and taking the LJ code base that had been released under the original owner and forking it to provide some new features. The philosophy seems to be closer to the original owner's vision. They do not have, for example, ads.

Shortly before new year, LJ finally moved the physical servers to Russia. That means that your LJ journal is no longer hosted in a US jurisdiction, and is subject to Russian privacy laws.

Why should you care? Maybe you shouldn't? Maybe you think that having the CIA/NSA peruse your Journal is no better than the FSB/KGB. Depending on your politics it may seem six of one or half dozen of the other. I clearly have my point of view being an American. (Hopefully if you know anything about me though, you know that I am not blindly pro-American). I think it is a deeply troubling turn for LJ. When I told my wife, about all of this, she said she would like to move her journal from LJ to DW and delete the LJ version. She is from Russia, she has experience.

Even if you don't buy into the tin-foil-hat theory that Putin is going to be personally listening into your blogity blog, consider this: LJ hasn't cared about English speaking accounts in a long time. There just isn't any revenue there. Consider trying a provider like DW, which considers you a customer, rather than a distraction. The cool thing about DW is that it really is quite similar to LJ in terms of function, and you can even import your existing journal from LJ, and even cross post back to LJ.

I plan on mirroring my blogity blog to DW as I currently do on LJ. It would be nice to eventually migrate away from using LJ. (Although I would miss my permanent account). For now though, I will be doing both.

Also, as a lol, my journal has been mirrored for a long time on DeadJournal (DJ) the LJ parody site:

Feel free to add me there instead :P

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Lena and I went to see Hidden Figures today. For those that haven't heard of it, it is the based on real events story of three bright African-American women working for NASA during Project Mercury. The main protagonist is Katherine Johnson. I am not completely familiar with all of the actual historical events, but I thought the film was fun, and inspiring. I am also a big fan of The Right Stuff, having seen it many times when I was a wee little thing. The two movies have a very different focus, of course, but some overlap as well. So it was interesting to watch a few common scenes and think “I remember this from the other film” and consider how different directors and different time periods portray some of the same events in different ways.

The film also left me feeling a tad wistful. There is a scene in the start of the movie where a police officer helps the trio out (despite their being African American in the south the late 50s early 60s) because they are working at NASA to beat the Russians into space. I don't know how plausible the scene as a whole is, but I do think there was a sense back then that people were behind NASA and space exploration in a way that they aren't today.

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Somebody on The Facebook jokingly said suggested that a large owl that a friend of mine had seen might be a flying dinosaur. TO WHICH I HAD TO IMMEDIATELY AND JOYOUSLY SAY ALL OWLS ARE DINOSAURS. (Birds being less commonly referred to as avian dinosaurs).

The pro-dinosaur agenda to which I subscribe is of course to appreciate the full awesomeness of Dinosaurs, and point out where ever possible that they are not extinct in the form of avian dinosaurs. There is something about dinosaurs which make me happy, which is, I suppose, why somebody got me a Dinosaur mug for New Year's. The dinosaur disappears to reveal its skeleton when a hot beverage is poured into it. For once I am really glad that the dishwasher is borked and nobody has fixed it, because those things always get put in the dishwasher and they get ruined.

But then something even more joyously happened today, which was I read that Kodak Alaris is going to bring back E6 slide film!

I cannot adequately describe how strongly I feel the urge to do the happy dance throughout the office! They are going to make it in Rochester, so I chatted with a friend of mien who lives there. When I got back into film a few years ago I was dismayed by all the films that had been discontinued in my absence. Kodak had completely stopped making E6. Fuji still made it but it has been getting expensive! I suspect the new Kodak E6 will be pricy too. But still. Happy dance! The only thing that could possibly make this better is if they had dinosaur drawings on the boxes they sold the film in. (Actually scratch that, picture of Tom Baker riding a Dinosaur on said box would +1 even that awesomeness).

(The weird ways in which my Film Nerd and Computer Nerd interests intersect only in my dreams).

Ironically, I had finally decided today to go full digital for my trip to Australia in February. I am going to take my Nikon D600 for the medium high res and my Nikon Df for the low light and three zoom lenses that cover everything from 17 to 200mm all at f/2.8. If Ektachrome where going to be available this month instead of later in the year I would totally stock up on E6 and shoot that instead.


but not RIDING the dinosaur

I know these are just little things, and the feelings don't last forever, but it is nice to appreicate them when you feel them.


Jan. 4th, 2017 12:36 pm
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Summary of my last entry:

I don't want to be political. Here is a bunch of politics.

Also wtf with the roads in Sydney?


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