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I had the world's shittiest week before going on vacation, which explains my relative quiet in the past two weeks. After a week in Sydney I am starting to feel a little more human again. Also after a week in Sydney I really miss living here, a lot. The US feels like it is getting worse and worse. The thing is though, Australia has always had terrible racist immigration policies, and the US (problems though it has always had) is only now starting to catch up. To be honest. (There is of course so much more than just immigration that is wrong with what is happening in the states though).

A few weeks ago I not very seriously checked to see what it would cost to get a partner visa for my wife. Shockingly it is now about AUD$7k. Which is still a lot when you convert it to US Dollars. Appaently it is amongst the highest or the highest in the world. I was talking to a dear friend complaining that they are using it for revenue and she said “why shouldn't they?” I think it is unfair though to charge such a large sum of money to be with the one that you love so that the federal government can buy some dodgy F-35s. As I say it wasn't very serious, and I hope it doesn't come to that.

Thursday was my great auntie Rae's birthday, the reason for our visit. Thursday was a family only with a swim in te ocean, lunch at the club and a climb up the coast by the golf course. It was quite lovely.

Saturday (today) was the big party with 39 people, most of whom I did not know. We were at a table full of aussies, none of whom I knew. All of whom had a quaint opinion on America. I didn't feel it, but it is common, and Lena told me latter she was feeling defensive, given the current regime. Aside from that it was a lovely weather and a lovely party. Uncoordinated mum and her friend both brough Rae a corsage. Lucky one was for the wrist and the other wasn't.

Oh aisde from one other thing: In Australia they sometimes do this thing when they cater a big event where they alternate main dishes, and you get to negotiate with you neighbor if you get something that you don't like. Or are alergic to. That is definitely not cool.

Now we are watching Crocodile Dundee which happened to be on the tube, and lena said “You can hear that same bird outside”.

Some photos:


Sunset day #1

Seahorse kissing at Circular Quay day #2

Rushcutters Bay in boots day #3

Ferry to Bundeena day #4

Family at Collaroy day #5

Nail in fence at Terrigal day #6

Auntie Rae cutting her 90th birthday cake day #7
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