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We were watching Sherlock last night (of a couple of episodes ago) and the protagonist randomly and inappropriately is all “Are those ginger nuts?” at which point I had to pause the show and run to the kitchen to get some of those “Swedish style” ginger nuts that are almost similar enough to Australian ginger nut, which long time readers of a couple of weeks ago will remember that I bought when I was trying to scam the super market out of a free half pan. This is all just to say that I am highly suggestible to very specific things. We're binge watching Sherlock because we're going to see the season finale in the theatre tomorrow and have to be brought up to date before that. Fortunately there aren't very many episodes in a season of Sherlock to get up to date, so the binge is only two episodes. Over two days. So not really a binge.

Benedict Cumberbatch sort of annoys me in that he seems to be in everything now a days. It is a subtle sort of annoyance though because he is admittedly pretty good and I end up watching most of what he is in anyway. Sherlock is okay on top of that anyway in that we were watching that show before I realized he was in everything.

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