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Photos from The Great Ocean Road from my 2007 trip to Victoria with Joe, Cicely and Brian. I still love the look of E-6 on a lightbox :)

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Jan. 14th, 2009 04:06 pm
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  • 11 January 2009 05:36pm: Beach in January is hot, wet, windy and sandy.
  • Yesterday at 11:28am: I'm feeling as though much of my work before hols was a bit sloppy due to my wanting to get the heck out at that time.
  • Yesterday at 11:30am: I just noticed that there is an overgrown graveyard across the street from my new windowd cube.
  • Yesterday at 12:07pm: I need to better organise my digital photos. Right now they are spread over six computers. At least if one dies I only loose a fraction.
  • Yesterday at 12:21pm: Arguing with Kim about digital vs. film. Well. She's arguing I don't give a flying...
  • Yesterday at 12:38pm: Also: it must be nice to be so sure of everything. Seeing the beauty in things that everyone else seems to have discarded is exhausting.
  • Yesterday at 02:05pm: Not hungry, so for my lunch hour I took a stroll through the creepy overgrown graveyard.
  • Yesterday at 02:17pm: Realising camera set to ISO 3200 after taking pictures during sunny 16 weather irritates me.
  • Today at 10:01am: Narrowmindedtwat er... I mean Kimbot is not at work today.
  • Today at 03:59pm: Haven't been able to see season 2 of This American Life yet... anyone know when it will hit the iTunes and/or DVD?
  • Today at 04:00pm: Andrew decides to tone down his snarky comment when responding to a client. I'll be glad to see the backside of this project.


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In 2007 I went with some friends to Melbourne (among other places). The camera that I brought, a Nikon FE broke on me and so i went to the camera store to get a replacement. They don't make 'em like the FE anymore, but I was able to get an over priced Nikon FM that worked with all of the lenses that I had brought. I had a few hours on my own while my friends went to see the penguins so I bought three really cheap rolls of film and had at it. Melbourne is quite photogenic, although it's no Sydney.

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new job

Dec. 6th, 2007 04:13 pm
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New job starting next Wednesday. I have a good vibe about it. In the interview they were asking me the right sort of questions about Perl. It involves working with Perl in a Linux/SQL/Apache environment which makes me feel like a fish in water. The pay is good too. I will be working hard for the next few months.

I have to think up a secret code name for them. I never really cared for Company 2 as a codename. Nor for the company really.


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