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Next up was the bedroom. I have a two bedroom flat, but I use the larger of the two as my computer room/office. Basically my computers need more room than I do.

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Things left behind by humans. And rust.
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Things left behind by humans. And rust.
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From the “Red-and-red make red Hudson Valley” series
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From the “Evergreen Hudson Valley” series
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From the “Hudson Valley porcelain scratching post” series
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From the “Close up borders of the Hudson Valley” series
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From the “Door hinges of the Hudson Valley” series
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from the “Memories of the Hudson Valley” series

just now

Mar. 29th, 2006 04:46 pm
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at work today...

co-worker: what's that you've got on your desktop?
me: oh that's just an image I put there so that I can tell it's me that is logged on and not someone else.
co-worker: yeah, but what is it?
me: a picture of some rust that I took in New York
co-worker: *looks at me strangely*

I feel misunderstood.
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I have finally gotten around to posting on-line portfolios for two recent projects.
New York CityDecay
Please take a look at them and tell me what you think. Last year I took mostly black and white, this year I have seem to have been focusing on color. Unlike my B&W NYC shots, these NYC photos are not really street photography... they were actually a creative interpretation of a landscape assignment I had for Color1. Most of them anyway, I threw a couple more in there after taking the class. The rust shots are all digital... totally experimental. I enjoyed playing with the colors in Photoshop. For you purists, I didn't introduce any colors that were not already there, I just adjusted the RGB curve, contrast and saturation to make them more vibrant.
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Yellow Rust
My friend e, who lives in New Jersey and works in Manhattan, called me up this week to see if she and Jack could come up to go hiking with me today (Sunday). I always like to see e, so I told her that I'd love for her to come up for a visit. She didn't call, however, on Saturday, as I had thought she said she would, so I assumed that she wasn't coming after all, until after a lazy morning I got a call from e saying that she had just gotten off the thruway (about fifteen minutes away) and oh by the way how do I get to your place again?

Quick shower before she arrived and decided we would take Bull Hill trail which goes past some old ruins which I always find interesting to photograph. There was a large group (like 30 ) up ahead of us that we were eager to avoid, so we took evasive action onto a less trekked trail which took us to the top of Bull Hill and back around to her car. This actually worked out even better than the trail I had planed to take.

The whole time, of course, Jack was running up ahead and then running back to check on us. This helped tire him out, as by the end of the hike he was doing less of this. Jack, I should mention is e's German Shepard.

Then at four I was due to help a friend of mine unload her contents of her old home into her new home in Wappingers Falls, which not coincidentally is also her boyfriends home. We watched the SNL debate, which Joe had recorded from the night before. I thought it kind of sucked compared with what I remember of the SNL debates, and post election satire four years ago. Then again, they had more material to work with. We had a one sided political discussion. I have very strong opinions, but I prefer not to talk about politics, because I find it only affords me the opportunity to get me into trouble.

I'm tired, going to go to BED!


Sep. 24th, 2004 09:43 am
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Rust, Mt. Beacon, NY
I was inspired by Jackson Pollock to shoot some rust on the Wednesday hike up Mt. Beacon this week. When I get a critical mass of (good) photographs I will probably put together an on-line exhibit, or better yet a portfolio.
I would like to thank Australia's former Labour government for purchasing Blue Poles, which I was able to see for myself in Canberra Australia, where I was able to come to appreciate his work.


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