Nov. 19th, 2012 08:52 pm
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On Friday, closing went pretty much without a hitch. We met the seller for the first time. He was a muscular guy with a tiny head. Hence forth tinyhead. We own a house. There wasn't any point in going back to work so we went to the house and stayed the night. We ate our first meal on a card table and camped out on the inflatable bed in the master bedroom, awaiting the painters who came bright and early 7:40am. We showed them around and told them which colours we wanted where and left so as to get out of their hair.


Saturday we went to Costco to buy a years worth of toilet paper now that we have space for it in our house and it has become economical to do that sort of thing.

Sunday we went to see Lincoln. After the movie we went to Z for pizza. After that we returned to the house to see what the painters had been up to. I posted some photos on Instagram because it's all trendy.

So trendy that the colours come out wrong. Anyway, the work looked awesome. Two things to say about the way it was:

  1. The inspector described the existing paint job (along with some other projects that had been done on the house as “Joe Homeowner” quality—not terrible but clearly not professional.
  2. The whole house was white and very sterile.
Most of the house is a cream called “sociable”. The master bedroom has a blue accent wall, and the guest room is terracota. I picked “Autobot Orange” for the Shrine. It was either that or “Decepticon Purple”, but I think orange was a better choice.

They should start working on the floors tomorrow. I will post better pictures when stuff is more done and stuff. I have to say though, the house is looking and feeling more like “ours” as it slowly transforms.


Jan. 1st, 2012 01:30 pm
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Smokey Sydney after the fireworks.


Same shot this morning.


Jun. 18th, 2011 08:40 pm
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Today went to photograph the aircraft coming in and out and around Washington National (DCA).


Highlight was photographing one of the helicopters that they use to fly the president and VP. Later in the day the same chopper flew right over my head, but my camera was packed and I totally missed it. Alas. The rest are here:


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