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My new years resolution is to take more photographs this year. Here are a few from the last days of the old year...

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In 2007 I went with some friends to Melbourne (among other places). The camera that I brought, a Nikon FE broke on me and so i went to the camera store to get a replacement. They don't make 'em like the FE anymore, but I was able to get an over priced Nikon FM that worked with all of the lenses that I had brought. I had a few hours on my own while my friends went to see the penguins so I bought three really cheap rolls of film and had at it. Melbourne is quite photogenic, although it's no Sydney.

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Wednesday I decided to come down to Canberra. I went to Dick Smith’s to get iPods for Tristan and Lara. I pointed at the merchandise and said “I will have a blue one and a green one” and the salesman responded “is that for different moods or different people?”

Thursday I did the rest of my Christmas shopping, including getting a gift for Secret Santa ritual at work. Usually stuff in Australia closes at 5 or 5:30pm, but Thursday before Christmas everything is open till midnight practically, if not in actuality. It was a mad rush! Friday we had Christmas lunch at work. The food was really nice and we had Christmas crackers and everything. Then everyone drew numbers and picked gifts and/or stole gifts from others. I never want to steal other people’s gifts because it seems rude somehow (I realize it is just a game meant for fun of course), but it is always entertaining to watch other people steal gifts. My gift was the last one to get unwrapped. Can I just mention here how awesome my new coworkers are and my new work environment is?

Friday I flew down to Canberra. The airport was surprisingly uncrowded for this time of year. The aeroplane was mostly empty. When I got to Canberra, Tristan had his earphones on listening to music, and I thoughts to myself, I definitely got him the right gift. Lara was excited about her iPod too, although I think she was more excited about the games and the possibility of putting music on it. Dad already has the DVD I got him, which was unfortunate.


Mar. 3rd, 2007 04:30 am
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Nothing to see here, move along.


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