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Decided to catch up on all the movies that we had been meaning to see this weekend. Which was only Lego Batman and Logan. But still! We both agreed that Lego Batman had a good message and probably the best Batman movie since the Christopher Nolen trilogy. (Honestly, I think DC should stop making Batman films, people are tired of it, the reason this one worked is because it is poking fun at it). (I liked this chart from The Economist which compares the physical height and weight of various Batmen, including Lego Batman at 4cm/4g). Logan was a tad too gory, but I like Sir Patrick Stewart and it was great to see him and Hugh Jackman play those roles one last time. Also I thought “North Dakota” looked a lot like northern New Mexico, and when I saw in the credits that they filmed in the latter I guess I turned out to be right. We've gotten into the habit of going to this expensive theatre in Rockville with nice recliner seats.

Started scanning in the film that I sent away for processing before our trip to Australia. Much of these pickys are at least two months old. It includes the four rolls that I took at the Woman's March. While I was making contact sheets, I made some prints of three pictures that I took down under.


From the ferry to Bundeena.


Ruin at Port Jackson.


Homeless protest in Martin Place.

Lena and I were walking through Martin Place on our trip and I remarked to her that one of the things that I remember about living in Sydney is that everything seemed to be happening there. It is a small country, and there are only two big cities. So a lot of stuff is filmed, or happens in places that you know. We then walked by the Lindt Café, which is where the 2014 hostage crisis happened. Not a nice thing, but yet another thing that happened here.

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