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Woke up this morning to see that in the West Australian state election Labor beat the conservative Liberals decisively. That in itself is not unexpected, but what is good news is that Pauline Hanson's (white) nationalist party One Nation did poorly, and it seems the craven preference deal that the Liberals did with One Nation only hurt them. Hopefully that means the national Liberals will now think twice before doing any deals with One Nation going forward. It is a small state (population wise), and fairly remote from me, but it is nice to see Pauline Hanson and her ilk put in their place.

This first week back in the states has been a roller coaster. We are migrating to a new platform at work. The operating system that we are using should have been retired many years ago, and the vendor is finally pulling support. My boss revealed at the meeting that he was the one that had been putting the upgrade off until the last minute. So I am thinking wait what now? I have been lobbying to get some piecemeal upgrades that could have gotten us more safely to the same point gradually over time, my boss gave me the impression that the system administrators (SAs) intransigent, but no. It turns out it was him. I spent a whole day reconfiguring the software I use to connect to our big iron because the SAs have changed the firewalls. They are saying they are going to do it all again later in the year. This all totally makes some kind of sense I am sure.

Nintendo Switch seems to be impossible to find. I didn't even think to get a preorder, I was fairly easily able to pick up a Wii and Wii U when they came out despite the high demand, so I figured this would be the same. No such luck! Oh you can find it, if you pay minimum 50% markup from a scalper. I even saw one listing on eBay for $33k. Pretty sure that was a joke. I am starting to think my friend who has been playing New Zelda on Old Console had the right idea.

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