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The thing about Americans is: they genuinely think that America is a good idea and that it will and forever will be. I am pretty sure this is what the Romans also though. Although about Rome, not about America which wasn't a thing yet. I think this could really be the decline of the American Empire, for good and ill. Could is a key word. We could somehow limp through the next four years and reset things. Or this could be the start of the inevitable gradual decline. All good things, must, after all, come to an end. Something worse and/or better will be certain to replace it. If you look at the ways that Rome still succeeds, take a look at the Russian word: Tsar. Borrowed from the Roman title of Caesar. Even though the Roman Empire had been long since evaporated into the dark ages, there was still a lot of cachet in claiming some murky legitimacy from being in line from an Emperor. It is mostly rubbish and even if it wasn't how does that even legitimize you as a leader? In a sense Trump wants to claim legitimacy for the same reason, but legitimacy for what? To have gamed a system designed to give slave states a check over the North? Good job there. I know I know, we lost that one it is too late, sore looser, snowflake, libtard, whatever it is you wish to call me. I am just contemplating the historical context for which I am living. This is an impossible or at least improbable task.

Got back from Aussie on Saturday. Still in a weird sleep cycle so I am writing my thoughts in the hope that they will stop racing through my head. Time to go back to sleep. Again. But first, pictures from our last seven days:


Captain Lena driving the boat on the Arthur River day #15


Chair lift to The Nut in Stanley Tasmania day #16


The Big Marino in Goulburn NSW day #17


Gum bark Canberra day #18


Newtown graffiti day #19


Sunset day #20 (bookended from the first day)


Airport day #21 (saying good bye to downunder ... for now)
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