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Been back from Tassie for a few days, but I still haven't caught up. No time to catch your breath.

Australia sometimes seems like it is about ten years behind the times. In both good and bad ways. I have heard that Tassie is another ten years behind the mainland, which would put them sometime in the early second Clinton term now. I think the observation is somewhat apt. Mostly in a good way. Alost everywhere we ate the food was locally sources, which was bonus. Not due to any intention on our part, just how it worked out. Or maybe it is the convention there.

The day after we got back we drove down to see my dad in Canberra. Canberra is supposed to be the capitol of the country, but it is more like a big[1] small town. On the way we stopped at the bakery in Goulburn and I had a lovely custard tart/apple pie. Custard tart is one of my favorite things to eat, but they are becomming ore and more rare here in the future.

We are now back in Sydney!


BBQ evening 2 (Freycinet)


Nice view from our bungalow (Freycinet)


Din dins on the grill (Freycinet)


Olde time (Deloraine)


Dustk (Freycinet)


House in Stanley


Delicious at Goulburn (The Trappers Bakery Goulburn)

  1. big in the sense of redistributed over a large area
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