Jan. 16th, 2017

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One of the things that I think is definitely good for my writing is to take any opportunity to take myself down a notch or two. We inherently have our own best interests at heart, and so when we describe our adventures in life we are likely to color the scene in a way that puts us in the best light. Of course. But that is terribly dull I suspect.

On the way home from Sherlock[1], I was driving Lena's car, but I didn't want to back into the corner space, which would ensure a big SUV didn't park next to Lena's car. I parked into the spot on the other side of my car because it was an easier park to back into. Needless to say Lena was not thrilled by my laziness. We took the tree down today[2] and Lena took the opportunity as we were walking inside to take some external decorations inside and down into the basement. I heard this shriek of anger, because she discovered that I hadn't stacked the boxes that the Christmas decorations were in when I took them downstairs earlier in the day. She angrily and quite rightly complained about my habit to not put things away. I tried stupidly to hand her some rolls of wrapping paper, but felt foolish and awkward, and so instead walked upstairs and started doing the dishes. I left a couple of dishes unwashed for tomorrow. “Why can't you finish anything?” my wife quite properly asked me. After I told her that I would do it. One day.

All this is to say that I have many numerous limitations, and my wife is an amazing talented musician and nurse practitioner who for some reason puts up with me, and on top of all of that unfairness she simply makes me look good by virtue of close proximity.

  1. long time readers from ... er yesterday ... will recall that we were going tonight
  2. long time readers ... yada yada ...


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