Jan. 11th, 2017

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Work frequently offers the sort of hilarity which is only hilarious in retrospect. Today through a comedy of errors so byzantine I will skip through it I found out there was an SSL security vulnerability in our webserver. SSL is the thing that makes your communications between you and your bank secure. SSL is also so badly written, maintained and so complicated that it is also almost certainly the reason that the Russian Mafia is well acquainted with your social security number and your next of kin. Of course I was totally flying blind because although they told me what was wrong with the SSL, they didn't give me the tool to test it, or tell me how to fix it. Fantastic. Eventually John, in his usual disrespectful tone, sent me a the URL to a website that I could use to test the SSL on our server. The only problem was that it was behind the firewall and I was working from home. No problem, I will just connect using a browser inside the firewall, only the browser balked because the SSL tester itself had... wait for it... an SSL configuration error. Also there wasn't any way to turn off the SSL verification. So good job guys. Way to provide the least penetrable interfaces and the most broken tools to your workforce.


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