Jan. 5th, 2017

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Somebody on The Facebook jokingly said suggested that a large owl that a friend of mine had seen might be a flying dinosaur. TO WHICH I HAD TO IMMEDIATELY AND JOYOUSLY SAY ALL OWLS ARE DINOSAURS. (Birds being less commonly referred to as avian dinosaurs).

The pro-dinosaur agenda to which I subscribe is of course to appreciate the full awesomeness of Dinosaurs, and point out where ever possible that they are not extinct in the form of avian dinosaurs. There is something about dinosaurs which make me happy, which is, I suppose, why somebody got me a Dinosaur mug for New Year's. The dinosaur disappears to reveal its skeleton when a hot beverage is poured into it. For once I am really glad that the dishwasher is borked and nobody has fixed it, because those things always get put in the dishwasher and they get ruined.

But then something even more joyously happened today, which was I read that Kodak Alaris is going to bring back E6 slide film!

I cannot adequately describe how strongly I feel the urge to do the happy dance throughout the office! They are going to make it in Rochester, so I chatted with a friend of mien who lives there. When I got back into film a few years ago I was dismayed by all the films that had been discontinued in my absence. Kodak had completely stopped making E6. Fuji still made it but it has been getting expensive! I suspect the new Kodak E6 will be pricy too. But still. Happy dance! The only thing that could possibly make this better is if they had dinosaur drawings on the boxes they sold the film in. (Actually scratch that, picture of Tom Baker riding a Dinosaur on said box would +1 even that awesomeness).

(The weird ways in which my Film Nerd and Computer Nerd interests intersect only in my dreams).

Ironically, I had finally decided today to go full digital for my trip to Australia in February. I am going to take my Nikon D600 for the medium high res and my Nikon Df for the low light and three zoom lenses that cover everything from 17 to 200mm all at f/2.8. If Ektachrome where going to be available this month instead of later in the year I would totally stock up on E6 and shoot that instead.


but not RIDING the dinosaur

I know these are just little things, and the feelings don't last forever, but it is nice to appreicate them when you feel them.


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